More About Me
As a 2 nd generation lifelong resident of NWA, I?m proud to call Northwest Arkansas my home. Having been born and raised in Rogers, Arkansas, I?ve seen so many wonderful changes take place. Our community leaders have taken all of our NWA towns forward into the future and have created a culture of positivity that is so rare.But even with all our growth and progress, there are a couple of things that have stayed the same. The natural beauty of our area is breathtaking and this has been incorporated into everything from walking trails to parks to museums all over NWA. And the residents of NWA have tried to maintain our friendly, helpful, neighborly demeanor throughout the area.It?s this duality of the new mixed with the original that makes NWA such a fantastic place to be a REALTOR.I?m proud of where I live, work and play just as I?m committed to what I do. I love witnessing the feelings of pride and accomplishment that come when a First-Time Home Buyer finishes at the closing table and gets the key to their first home. I enjoy helping strengthen family ties by bringing them closer when they buy that dream home. And I know that when I use my Coldwell Banker resources and personal skills set to provide the highest customer service for my sellers, I?ve accomplished what I set out to do: deliver valuable, personalized service for all my clients.When I?m not doing those things, I love spending time with my family and friends. I like helping out at my kids? schools when I can and I take full advantage of the natural beauty and bounty of NWA by golfing, hiking, and camping. I have 3 beautiful children and enjoy raising them in such an amazing community.